feé (ryfee) wrote in solo20in20,

Side challenge: reminder

Hi everyone. I'm here to remind you about the community icon challenge, which sadly still lacks entries. So far we have 9 lovely entries -- and normally, if this were not for the community icon, I would have called it a day and posted the voting. Unfortunately I can't. I'm going to wait for 2~3 more icons, at least. So please consider submitting something? ;___; *begs*

Please head this way.
Tags: !challenge, !reminder
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Approximately how long do we still have to submit? I really want to submit something, but life keeps getting in the way and I get distracted. ;____; I may be able to churn something out by tomorrow or so though.
At this rate I'll wait for as long as possible for more entries. :\

Aw I hope RL has been going fine for you! It'd be great if you could submit something, but RL always comes first.