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solo20in20's Journal

Your favorite thing♥
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Claim your favorites; 20 days of bias♥
your favorite things♥ ;

Welcome to solo20in20! This is a place where you make 20 icons for a chosen subject with given themes (10 themes, 5 category, 5 artist's choice), in 20 days.

In solo20in20, you may only feature ONE character in each icon. But this shouldn't be too hard as people rarely use more than one person in their works. This doesn't mean you can only claim a character -- you can choose an entire mangaka/gaming franchise, an entire series, or just a single character. Please scroll down for more info on this, or visit the Rules page.

Another thing you might want to know:
Every round's themes will be based on stories / fairytales / mythologies. This doesn't make the challenge any harder, nor does it change anything. Just consider it something fun (troublesome) the mod wants to do. ;)

Here's a brief example:
Round X, Theme X (let's say it's based on Cinderella): "Crystal pumps"; your icon must feature a foot cropping. Thighs and waist shots are allowed.

You get the idea. Basically we'll pick a story, base a round on it, use its elements and quotes, transferring them into different themes. Sounds fun, no?
And don't you worry about the themes! We'll try to be succinct and thorough with the explanation.
Please read the FAQ for more info.

Rules ;

# We accept claims for anime/manga and video game.
# You can claim: (a) An entire mangaka/gaming franchise; (b) An entire series; or (c) A single character.
# If you choose to claim either (a) or (b), you can only icon the same character 5 times or less, but no more.
# Only one claim each round please.
# You may not sign up for the same subject two rounds in a row.
# Every icon made for the challenge must feature a single character. Body parts of someone else will still be allowed, but your subject must remain as the focus.
# Cross-post your icons to this community only when you're done with your whole set. Please provide us with three teasers and write a clear subject of your claim. Tagging will be handled by your mods.
# Your icons should remain public.
# All icons must be fresh and made specifically for the challenge. Do NOT use someone else's works in any way (graphic edits/adjustments, other people's colorings).
# Fanarts are not allowed.
# Icons must fit LJ standards: 100x100px or less, 40KB or less and in the following format: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF.
# If your set contains any NSFW material, please warn us beforehand.
# Bashing will not be tolerated.
# Please respect other people's preferences.
# If you want to use an icon made in any of the rounds, please follow the rules set by each particular iconist.

Schedule ;

Themes will be posted at least 3~5 days after the sign-up is closed. A round will run for 20 days, which is then followed by voting. Once the winners are announced, a sign-up for the next round will be up in approximately 24~48 hours.
Please bear with us if there's a slight delay in posting; mods might be busy with RL stuff.

Also, do check out the links below for more explanation on things here.